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sergio pappalettera talks about alvin

Sergio Pappalettera - Designer

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Alvin began his artistic career at 12 years old, an airbrush was the gift that brought him into the world of art.

His first realistic drawing on a wall, marked the beginning of a journey into the world of signs and colors.

In 2013, he exhibited for the first time in Milan, revealing his hitherto private art to the public.


Alongside his work on TV and radio, Alvin has continued to create, accepting the opportunity in 2020 to bring art into the offices of large companies with Offi:Art.


His exhibition "WAYout MYndset" in Modena was a great success.


Through his Instagram page "Pop Art by Alvin", he has collaborated with other artists, producing unique NFTs and neons.

His pop art, created with a variety of techniques, also extends to the design of neon lights, furnishing accessories and a clothing line inspired by his philosophy of "SELF LOVE".


Passionate about audiovisual art, Alvin has curated numerous projects in the fields of cinema and music.

His artistic commitment is also evident in his production of high-quality video clips.

Now, as Artistic Director, he continues to surprise and inspire with his limitless creativity.

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