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In the world of contemporary art, artists often reflect the challenges and ambiguities of the modern world.

Alvin's "The Icon" addresses the obsession with iconicity and its human cost.

It depicts a melting Nike Air Jordan, symbolizing the icon's fragility and the consequences of its pursuit.

The shadow and drops on the floor add depth to the meaning, representing the footprints left and lives ruined by pursuing the unattainable.

Alvin invites us to reflect on the value of empathy and authenticity sacrificed for success and fame.

"The Icon" stimulates reflection on our priorities and the consequences of our actions, inviting us to seek authenticity in our lives.

It is a warning against the illusion of iconicity and a call to search for meaning.


“The Icon” 

Spray Stencil Airbrush 

Canvas 150x90 


Making of
"The Icon"

"The Icon"
Original Prints

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