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Miracle in Milan, this is the name of the exhibition which represents the first step of an unprecedented collaboration between three artists, different in background and training, but who find themselves united under the name of art.

Alvin, Nina Zilli and Raptuz are the creators from whom an artistic project comes to life that tells of the city of Milan as a crossroads that has always united stories and people, the city of dreams that come true, the city of actions and possibilities. A true contamination, this intertwining of art and people teaches us that we meet differently and then recognize ourselves as similar: yes, because art manages to enhance this process, because it helps bring out everyone's inner worlds.

Alvin, Italian television host and radio host, is also highly appreciated as an artist. An airbrush given to him at the age of 12 took him into the world of art and in Italy, one of the most popular and stylish street art crews in those years was TDK of which Raptuz was a member. “I have always respected his internationally recognized, unmistakable style and his mastery in the use of spray cans. His interest in my artistic language and the proposal to create a wall and an exhibition of our works together with the strong artistic sense of my friend Nina Zilli, gave me immense pleasure. The great mutual respect there is and the enthusiasm to do something together led us to meet often to talk about art, philosophy and eat rich breakfasts at Nina's house until giving birth to MIRACLE IN MILAN".

Nina Zilli she is a tornado, a volcano, a lover of music who captivates you with her passions  and fantasies before you even have time to listen to a single one of his songs. In addition to being a successful singer-songwriter, in 2019 Nina published her first book "Dream City" (Rizzoli) in which she revealed an artistic talent that not everyone knew: that of an illustrator and above all a dreamer. “Dream City” is the story of Nina's city of dreams, between her love for music and her love for drawing.  “Creating my first exhibition alongside two artists I respect and two great friends is a splendid opportunity for me to bring to life, form and material what I imagined by illustrating and writing “Dream City”. Milan is the city that welcomed us, that gave us great hopes and opportunities. It is the city that made our dreams come to life, that brought us together and gave birth to more or less great things, giving life to all our projects and giving us the greatest loves and satisfactions. When Raptuz asked me if I wanted to exhibit together with him and Alvin, a first for me, to celebrate the Milan that unites us, I couldn't say no"


Raptuz is an esteemed artist, designer and graphic designer present for over 36 years in the international artistic circuit, a pioneer in the Italian Graffiti and Urban Art scene. Raptuz is co-founder of the historic TDK Crew (Milan, 1990) and, together with friends J-Ax and Space One, also co-founder of the famous collective "Spaghetti Funk Crew".  “I have known and respected Alvin and Nina for many years, but only recently I learned about their skills and it was immediately a breath of fresh air. I discovered that Nina is a fantastic all-round artist with a crystal-clear and overwhelming talent. Alvin on the other hand is positive energy, with a unique style and pure enthusiasm. From there to propose the idea of organizing an event together it didn't take long, it was almost automatic, the three of us are artistically very different, we have completely different backgrounds and experiences behind us, but we speak the same language when it comes to creating that that we love with sincerity, friendship and enthusiasm. So to them, I can only say: thank you friends for the energy you give me, I'm having a lot of fun!”


Hosting the Miracolo exhibition in Milan, from 22 October 2023, from 6.30pm to 10pm, will be "The Place" Green Pea in Turin

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